QUO VADIS – English


Dear reader, knowing or finding out the meaning of this Title suits you. We intend to inform in the most objective way possible to all well-intentioned people, regarding the imminent dangers that loom over the living beings that inhabit the planet Earth.

For centuries, humanity has suffered immeasurable and irreparable damage caused by unscrupulous and immensely cruel individuals. They have enslaved and slaughtered millions of men and women, with the aggravating fact that this seems to have arrived to stay.

From time immemorial History records the flowering and extinction of different Empires. Among them: MACEDONIAN – GREEK – ROMAN – MONGOLIAN – SPANISH – BRITISH – FRENCH.

Among the main causes of its establishment can be cited: the ambition of new aristocrats to achieve more power or the disapproval of the people for the inability and / or ambition of the unscrupulous and corrupt who deceive with the sole purpose of taking power, enrich themselves astronomically, to sink the majority of inhabitants into extreme poverty and unstoppable increase of the other social scourges.

The biogeochemical cycles have allowed the human species to evolve to this day, for more than 5000 years, according to the geological time scale.

The so-called Western Hemisphere is a vast territory that includes much of Europe, America, South Africa, Israel, Australia and New Zealand. The Western civilization also sits right there. The Greek Empire or ancient Greece flourished from 1200 BC to 146 AD. The Athenians founded the world’s first DEMOCRACY in the sixth century BCE.
Heraclitus, Tales of Miletus. Parmenides, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were the names of the so-called 7 wise men of antiquity. It was they who laid the foundations for further philosophical and scientific development that is still relevant to this day.

The world went on. The advancement of artistic, scientific and technological knowledge reached unimaginable levels. The Internet exceeded the limits of communication. Advances in every way extended to the known and unknown world.

In the modern era the list of outstanding women and men in all fields of knowledge is endless. Here are some random examples:

Women: Germain 1776 – Lovelace 1815 – Curie 1867 – Meitner 1878 – Mc Clintok 1906 _ Franklin 1920

Men: Da Vinci 1452 – Copernicus 1473 – Newton 1643 – Hume 1711 – Kant 1724 – Marx 1818 – Freud 1856 – Russell 1872 – Einstein 1879 – Heidegger 1889 – Wittgenstein 1889 – Marcuse 1898 – Derrida 1930 – Hawking 1942.

At present “Spangler, goes further. Believes that we are in a process of “de-civilization” of society, which does not mean absence of civilization, but “a state of meaningless and thoughtless civilization” with a “deficit of empathy”, not only in the West but in the world in general.

“The IPCC report shows that, although better land management can contribute to addressing climate change, it is not the only solution. If you want to keep global warming well below 2 degrees C, even 1.5, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors is critical. ”
“Land degradation undermines its productivity, limits types of crops and reduces the soil’s ability to absorb carbon. This exacerbates climate change, in turn, exacerbates land degradation in many different ways. ”
Unfortunately, COP 25 disappointed. Some forced inconsequential decision making. No significant progress was made with respect to previous summits.
Fortunately, the COSMIC CONSCIENCE illuminated a 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s syndrome. So far, Greta Thunberg has conquered more than 10 million fans on social networks.
For its ingenuity, generosity, responsibility with the fate of the planet and solidarity with the current and future youth, the UNIVERSITY of CHILDREN granted her the highest title it confers: