Creativity is the natural capacity of any human being to find new solutions to personal problems and in its vital space. During all of the history of Education, the educational systems have privileged the repetition of already made recipes that hinder the development of reflective thinking and with much HORROR! that of the creative processes. Humanity will never stop lamenting the waste of entire centuries; happened in the immense majority of the schools, which insist in repeating, repeating and repeating the same thing from previous years.
Literary Works: Reimer Everett/ La escuela ha muerto – Paulo Freire/ Pedagogía del oprimido – De Oliveira Lauro. /Cambios en Educación según Mc Luan y muchas más, evidence the species of SCLEROSIS of school learning.

But …, oh happiness. ! EUREKA !  With the Era of Knowledge everything changed. Let there be light. Globalization.  Internet. Etc, etc.

Here and now; for all the children of the world are given all the objective conditions that will let them touch the stars with their hands.
Little by little, in universities and other levels of educational systems it is possible to appreciate signs of actualization.
The explosion of scientific-technological advances and consequent growth of inventions everywhere provides humanity with an unimaginable cultural heritage.

However; the myriad of momentous changes announced for the next 10 years and beyond, makes it clear that it is not permitted to lose another minute. In human physiology and according to Piaget, the cognitive processes, particularly those which have to do with creativity, are irreversible. In other words; if a single mindset is not normally structured at the exact moment of the child’s development, the affectation becomes permanentExplanatory example; By 2020, existing children can achieve the maximum of their creative potential, only if they have already begun to systematically carry out the activities that allow it. But if they wait 4 years to start preparing, the train that will never return would have left them.

VISIONARY parents who are capable of correctly reading the signs of the times are the ones that will allow their children to connect to the express of happiness.

In reality, today there exists ONE SINGLE PROPOSAL conceived with this specific end. Just by achieving category 4. FMM; from then on, any little one “flies out of sight.”

It is about the tetralogy of websites, intercomplementary to each other:

the MODEL of the century/ Creativa teaching
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